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Confession time: I’ve never seen like 99% of the classic Disney movies everyone talks about all the time. I’ve seen Lion King, Snow White, Bambi, and Cinderella.

And the only reason I watched Cinderella was the mice because I absolutely hated princesses when I was little.

The only cartoon movie I ever really loved (aside from the Lion King, because come on, it’s the fucking Lion King) was Toy Story.

Other than that, at the age at which I should have been watching Disney movies was spent watching The Blues Brothers, Austin Powers, Hook, Animal House, Jaws, Labyrinth, and The Wizard of Oz.

#my mother says that she knew from the first time i said 'i fucking hate illinois nazis' at age 3 that i was going to turn out exactly like i #*did #i thought jaws was a comedy and laughed through the whole thing #i couldn't have been more than 3 #this has been a post #about me

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