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I really want to write some Sebklaine but I’m so worried it would be canonically OOC because I can’t watch season 5 and therefore don’t have a handle on the canon development of the character. They’d be exactly the same as I wrote him before and I’m worried.

Do you ever see fandom wank posts on your dash and just yell SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU’RE RUINING THE THING

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"Carlos is allergic to cats but I bought him some Claritin so he’ll be fine."

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Every day.


Every day.

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I turned over a new leaf remember?

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I’m catching up on Night Vale and I have to say Cassette just fucked me up.

Asylum!Cas and Cecil Palmer head to Camillus Con!

Asylum!Cas and Cecil Palmer head to Camillus Con!

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If Ray Bradbury wrote fanfiction within the universe of Ayn Rand’s “Anthem”, it would be Welcome to Nightvale.

I swear, some of the music they use in Night Vale is just so pretty.



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I really, really love Huffington Post.

I really, really love Huffington Post.